Shaping Canada’s food processing future

The pace of global change is faster than ever before. Technology in all sectors is evolving very rapidly and when it comes to food, it’s impacting every step of the value chain from the farm to the dinner table.

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, from a growing population to water scarcity and climate change. To be able to continue to feed people in the face of those challenges and to do so sustainably, we are going to need new levels of innovation.

In short, we need to think about things differently.

So what does tomorrow look like?

Tomorrow will be here sooner than we think; in fact, it’s already happening. Robotics, automation, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence are just some of the fields that have not traditionally been linked with food and food production, but are now changing how we view, produce, and consume our food. We need to start looking beyond the traditional avenues of food and beverage research and continue to drive new connections and collaborations that will result in rapid commercialization.

Canadian Food Innovators is helping our food and beverage manufacturing industry be part of that global movement for innovative change by representing the industry and bringing partners together in a non-partisan way. CFI has a passion for driving dynamic research and innovation in our food network that can help Canada be a place of inspiration and let us play a larger role in the global food innovation sphere.

Our goal is to catalyze innovation, create connections, and be the enabler of collaborative success so the industry as a whole can grow together. To that end, we are interested in working with companies and groups of all sizes – from dynamic start-ups to established large corporations. And that’s why we’ve brought together representatives from all parts of the food and beverage processing industry with government and with researchers from our academic institutions and technology centres.

We appreciate everyone’s willingness to work together and take a more collective approach to food innovation.

Dr. Joseph Lake
Chair, Canadian Food Innovators